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I don't really use this journal anymore.
Just wanted to post that someone made a Facebook account for me I found out today. It hasn't been up for too long, and I don't know who did it but they IMed me and I got them to take it down. So If "I" posted on your wall or anything it wasn't acually me, I saw they put my lj on there so incase anyone comes here I'm putting up a post to let people know that it wasn't me. If you look under hobbies they just copypasted them from here. Anyways I'm really tired and angry about it.
I guess I'm posting cause I havn't in a while, but I lack the incentive since the main reason I used to come to lj was to check up on the icon communities I belong to and all the prettyful Furuba icons. I can't install falsh on my new comp for some reason. The box pops up, I press install, nothing happens. It really sucks since I can't see a good amount of pictures they just have the red x in the box, and I can't go to Youtube.
Here is where I would have posted the second episiode of the ToS OVAs that came out a little while ago (but I didn't get to see till yesterday because of the problem above.), but no youtube no post. Plus noone was persuaded to watch it last time because I posted it here.
Besiiiides that I got my schedule. I tried to get the same classes as Lillian but we got diffrent timeslots. I might be able to change it since they messed up and put both my electives in the same semester and only gave me wellness for one semester. I really need it for two with my lack of gym credits. Plus my frees suck with two electives for the first half of the year. Tuesday I only have one free, and it's after the cafeteria sells food.
Good news I finished buying Kare Kano, I'm caught up on Bleach, I found another series to read online free and another to slowly buy in real life. This summer has been good to my manga collection.
Summer was so much fun, school seems like crap with almost everyone else having graduated, not many frees with people still here, anime club will be diffrent too, fill out college stuff, senior thesis.
well that pretty much everything happening


soooo havn't updated in forever. Keep forgetting.
I went to Harvaard Square some been buying Kare Kano. Kazuma and Asaba are both really awsome, Arima too, and Maho. I've been trying to find an Asaba wallpaper but I guess they don't exsist, not even a crappy one. Then I tried just finding pics of him , my sister said she might make a wallpaper for me, but there's not many of those either. I was really suprised.
Saw the Simpsons movie with Courtney and Chis. It was really good. They weren't as censored cause they were on tv. I thought it wouldn't be nearly as good. I went on opening night so everyone in the theatre was really excited.
I read three of books for summer reading so far, then the required reading, and my sisters summer reading cause I got bored enough..summers really boring
Someone acually made R.O.D icons! :D
....hmmm nothing else really

This gets it's own post

(But I used a HaruxRin icon cause I still love them :D)
((At least I think it's my HaruxRin icon damn comp))
(((I think I have two HaruxRin icons so I dunno which one it is)))
((((I'd also like to disclaim that Maddox is an asshole but some of the articles are funny as hell))))
(((((cause Hells hilerious)))))

Been a while

I havn't updated in a loooooooong time
Lots of fun things just didn't feel like updating
Got a laptop early for college since my old comp was dying
Got World of Warcraft back (which is why I havn't updated)
Summer is fun....most the time, gets boring too
Days I've gone to Harvard Square has been fun
and WoW, yeah I'm trading everyone I know for WoW :D. Sorry I just like it more then you all (jk)
Got seven and eight of Kare Kano
...You find alot of stuiped shit on the internet in the summer
I dunno I don't have anything else to say
Can't see my userpics on this comp ;_;

D&D, Movies, and Music

ellllllo ello
Went to the movies today and saw Paprika with Lillian and Kelsy. Was about this guy who makes this device that can see peoples dreams, and then the dreams start to merge and then start to go into the reall world, and it's all cool and surreal and stuff.
Yesterday was D&D. It was fun, played D&D. Suprisingly little more to say on the topic.
Got the songs my sister earsed back on my IPod, got a few new songs too.
Made plans to play Killer Bunnies tommrrow
Read volumes 11 and 12 of Kare Kano, and the Spectrums got volumes 4 and 5 of another series I was reading up now. (too lazy to go get the spelling for the name)
and laziness and heat make my entry short
Keep shifting my chair around the heat's uncomfortable
was a really fun day though
ello ello!
Hey kiddies looks like there's gonna be more R.O.D stories! Someplace in time! Somewhere! http://www.fansview.com/2006/animevegas/090306a.htm (This might get me to watch Hellsing too)
In other news the author of Furuba is writing a new manga! (but I lost the link sorry to an article about it)
Realatives came over today, I'm parnoid about germs and there was about 5 kids all under about 12 years in the bathroom, and the fridge, and they all decided it be best to gather in my room since I have a Wii. They also insisted I give them a drawing which would be flattering if it wasn't in the folder of the ones I wanted to keep. But it was so nice exspecially since they don't realise I'm not a very good artist that I felt a little obligated. They also flooded my Wii with a bunch of crappy mii's that all look the same. But it is a little cool that they think I cool just cause I'm older. (Good thing they don't know I'm an asshole :P)
Eh then there's my sister who's just being a little piss-shit, making me upset beyond what I'm willing to put in this journal, and beyond what you want to hear :P
Anyways there's a ton of left over food for D&D tommrrow. I'm really excited!!! I gotta go do some last minute prepartions for that.
ello ello
I missed a dentist appointment today by accident
I found a Read or Die Forum, it looked like alot of fun, but it looks like there might not be alot of people there anymore. But I was reading old posts for about-too many hours to tell you cause it's way to much time. Cause they had a ton of fanart and wallpaper and fun shit, AMV's too, I was gonna post them cause they're good AMV's but I don't think anyone who reads this is intrested in them. :P
Found a new song I wanna download to my IPod too, had heard it awhile ago but didn't know the name.
I went out to eat at this Chinese food buffet place.
Found a R.O.D lj community that's really active, I'm happy about that.
And I got some things done I needed to in the peper_rating's community.
And with the AC on it's the perfect temperature in my room and is really peaceful and all that good stuff. Night time too so it's quiet :D.

Today's post

ello ello
I don't really have anything good to say so heres the song I keep replaying, you should find it on ITunes or something, just got the cd from there. I know it's lame to post song lyrics but w/e.
"Well the animals laugh from the dark of the wilderness
A baby cries hard in an apartment complex
As I pass in a car buried under the influence
The city's driving me out of my mind
I've seen a child, he's caught in the sad trap of gravity
He falls from the lowest branch of the apple tree
And lands in the grass, and weeps for his dignity
Next time he will not aim so high
Yeah, next time, neither will I

Now a mother takes loans out, sends her kids off to colleges
Her family's reduced to names on a shopping list
While a coroner kneels beneath a great wooden crucifix
He knows there's worse things than being alone
And so I've learned to retreat at the first sign of danger
I mean, why wait around, if it's just to surrender?
And ambition, I've found, can lead only to failure
I do not read the reviews
No, I am not singing for you

Well, I stood dropping a coin into the pit of a well
And I would throw my whole billfold if I thought it would help
With all these wishes I make, I should buy something real
At least a telephone to call home
Well, my teachers, they built this retaining wall of memory
All those multiple choices I answered so quickly
And got my grades back, and forgot just as easily
But at least I got an A
And so I don't have them to blame

Well I should stop pointing fingers, reserve my judgement
Of all those public action figures, the cowboy presidents
So loud behind the bullhorn, so proud they can't admit
When they've made a mistake
Well, poison ink spews from a speechwriter's pen
He knows he don't have to say it so it, it don't bother him
Honesty, accuracy, just popular opinion
And the approval rating's high
And so someone's gonna die

Well, ABC, NBC, CBS bullshit
They give us fact or fiction, I guess an even split
And each new act of war is tonight's entertainment
We're still the pawns in their game
As they take eye for an eye, until no one can see
We must stumble blindly forward, repeating history
Well I guess we all fit into your slogan in that fast food marquee
Red-blooded, white skinned, oh and the blues
Oh, and the blues, I got the blues, that's me!
(That's me!)
That's me!

Well I awoke in relief, my sheets and tubes were all tangled
Weak from whiskey and pills in a Chicago hospital
And my father was there, in a chair by the window
Staring so far away
I tried talking, just whispered, "So sorry, so selfish"
He stopped me and said, "Child, I love you regardless
There's nothing you could do that would ever change this
I'm not angry, it happens
But you just can't do it again"

So now I try to keep up, I've been exchanging my currency
While a million objects pass through my periphery
Now I'm rubbing my eyes, cause they're starting to bother me
I've been staring too long at the screen
But where was it when I first heard that sweet sound of humility?
It came to my ears in the goddamn loveliest melody
How grateful I was then to be part of the mystery
To love and to be loved
Let's just hope that is enough"
ehh I'll have a real update tommrrow.
ello ello
crappy day, got my tests back all A's and 2 B's but it was hot and I was probably more of an asshole for that reason then was ok.
Went to Harvard Square, some kid had this devil pitchfork prop thing in his locker, and gave it to Lillian (who gave it to me) since people had to clear out there lockers cause it was the last day. But I really didn't want to walk around Harvard Square with it...it's only fun to a certain extent. Instead I felt self consious and made really bad and lame jokes the whole time...meh. They could have got anyone else to hold the dahm thing, and people would have thought a lot less of it! I can't even blame the strangers passing by for being mad cause it looks like I'm trying to piss people off and be an ass carrying it around...blaaah
I hate the god dahm heat in the summer too, I'm not leaving my house for much if I can help it. Dahm heat makes it so I can't think straight, I don't wanna end up saying things I don't mean like today so I'm gonna make friends with my AC and and hang out with my old pal the computer. and yes that's called running away from potential problems and no I can't justify it :P. (crap...now I can't do that)
I feel like an ass for ranting on livejournal but there's been a lot of similar posts that I've deleted cause I didn't want to bitch online, and I think that I feel better because I can say to myself that I didn't make the post or whatever, but it's just one post and I'm sorry if it's offended anyone or anything like that. blah